Restructuring and Winding Up

From corporate restructuring and business spin-offs to voluntary liquidation, the Firm has experience in assisting business clients when facing bankruptcy or when the company wishes to restructure itself and engage in new businesses itself or through spin-off. The Firm works diligently with liquidators, administrators, receivers, banks, creditors, and debtors where necessary to manage the situation for our clients.


Selected Transactions
  • Insurance company restructuring for voluntary conversion of a listed insurance company into an investment company without the need for Court order.
  • Formation and licensing of first Money Changer Company in Pakistan and subsequent transformation and restructuring of the same into an Exchange Company due to change in laws and regulatory requirements.
  • Acting in the capacity of liquidator for an exchange company registered with the State Bank of Pakistan. The services included calling of meeting of shareholders and creditors, settling all claims and disputes and recovering of the SLR maintained with the State Bank of Pakistan.
  • Spinning off and transferring the securities brokerage business of a listed company into a separate brokerage entity and subsequently converting the listed entity into a holding company.
  • Division of a company into four separate companies vide a Scheme of Arrangement, eventually sanctioned by the High Court under Sections 284 to 288 of the Companies Ordinance, 1984.